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WLB Member IBB Law offers a selection of introductory audits for West London organisations to sample their suite of services...
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West London Business member IBB Law are an award-winning, broad-service, regional law firm with national reach. Based in West London, with offices in the Thames Valley and the Home Counties, IBB offer a range of services for commercial clients – whether you are a growing business or an established corporation.

To get sample the full suite of legal services available to you as a West London organisation, IBB have offered introductions to the following areas of their commercial law offerings…

Sponsor Licence Health check

If your organisation is licenced to sponsor overseas workers, it is vital to safeguard your sponsorship capabilities. As a gesture of their commitment to promoting best practices, IBB’s immigration team is offering a complimentary Sponsor Licence Health Check.

The assessment is designed to provide valuable insights into your compliance framework. The Health Check also provides an opportunity to identify and rectify any oversights in relation to your duties as a sponsor.

The Home Office is committed to carrying out audits, ensuring those sponsoring overseas workers are maintaining high standards and implementing robust compliance systems. The recent High Court case of Prestwick Care Ltd is a stark reminder of the penalties and implications of non-compliance of immigration and employment law. An independent Health Check reaffirms your company’s commitment to your obligations as a sponsor.

If you or anyone in your network uses sponsor licences in their business for their employees and could benefit from a health check, please contact Senior Immigration Manager, Samia Yaqub on samia.yaqub@ibblaw.co.uk, or email the team at immigration@ibblaw.co.uk to schedule a complimentary health check.

Restructuring & Insolvency

IBB’s corporate specialists will endeavour to develop a legal strategy to manage your risk, whilst arranging new sources of finance to save all or part of your business or dissolving the business, if that is required. IBB have extensive links with insolvency practitioners, banks and other professionals who support them in providing pragmatic advice.

IBB have handled rescue plans, restructures and insolvencies for clients ranging from start-up companies to large, established businesses including UK and overseas private and public companies. They are able to advise both shareholders and directors on the personal impact of insolvency and the team regularly support insolvency practitioners in all aspects of their work.

Making the decision to restructure, put in place a recovery plan or dissolve a company is typically very stressful, with a range of economic, financial, organisational and personal factors to consider. Using IBB’s many years of experience, their corporate and litigation teams can guide you through this difficult time, protecting you legally and financially.

Contact sonia.jordan@ibblaw.co.uk in the Restructuring and Insolvency team to discuss your requirements.

Free Trade Mark and Branding Audit

Are you aware of the condition of your business’s IP rights? Do you know when your trade marks are due for renewal or whether they are fully accurate for your business needs?

Many businesses and their owners are spinning plates and often intellectual property and branding falls to the bottom of the to-do list. This means that when a potential infringement comes along it and something needs to be done to protect your hard earned reputation and goodwill, you will need to rely on your intellectual property rights. If they aren’t current and up to date then problems can arise.

Carrying out regular intellectual property and trade mark audits is essential for robust trade mark portfolio management. IBB are offering a complementary trade mark audit and branding review to check that your intellectual property registrations are up to date.

We can also conduct more extensive audit searches, pointing out any gaps in protection and any future risks, meaning that if any problems do arise your business is prepped to handle them.

Contact Alicia West (Alicia.west@ibblaw.co.uk) in the Intellectual Property team to schedule a complementary audit or to discuss a more extensive audit which may highlight any weakness or potential issues with your brand or further opportunities within your portfolio.

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