Joyce Macfarlane has 25+ years’ experience of business and education management. She has steered multi-disciplinary teams to build their effectiveness, organisational and personal.  She has in-depth knowledge and understanding of leadership and organisation change within complex organisations in education, public, voluntary and private sectors. 

A qualified coach and competent leader of people and processes her forte is ‘partnering’ strategic teams to tackle the key challenges of improving provision, raising quality and strengthening partnership working by developing leadership capacity.  Joyce has developed a highly effective coaching process to assist senior leaders and their work teams achieve their goals.

Her specialtiesare: Organisation Development & Education Consultancy; Inclusion & Diversity; Leadership Coaching/Mentoring; Advanced Training Skills; and support to internal Human Resource teams.

 Drawn to activities and projects that make the workplace a fulfilling and rewarding experience for all involved, Joyce has been a volunteer Director of West London Business, specialising in Human Resources and SMEs, since 1997.