Luke Davies is a top UK award-winning Sandler Trainer and coach that brings over twenty years experience in sales and sales management development. In 2006 Luke set up the Sandler London City office and has worked with a vast array of different businesses. And in 2008 he was awarded the UK Franchisee of the year award by Sandler head office.

In 2001 he co-founded the international software company Workshare and helped to grow the company from zero to annual revenues of £12 million and 3,500 blue chip customers. In 2006 Workshare was awarded the Microsoft Global Independent Software Vendor of the Year award, customers include 85% of the largest law firms worldwide, numerous FTSE 100 companies and Fortune 1000 companies.

In 2010 Luke co-founded the software company SkyDox and raised two rounds of equity funding and exited at SkyDox in March 2011 with a personal ROI of 400%.

His passion revolves around helping people who do not necessarily feel comfortable in the selling role become effective in both sales, sales management and client development. Over the years he has helped many leading companies including Experian, Travelzoo, Encyclopaedia Britannica, UKN Group, Cision, Informa, Trustpilot …the list goes on.