Bright ideas from Brompton Bicycles: Get bikes to those who need them most & help make our area safer to cycle in


Following the overwhelming support WLB member Brompton Bicycle have received for their Crowdfunder campaign to support NHS workers with bikes, they have been working to broaden the way people can get involved to help UK healthcare workers make essential journeys by bike, avoiding crowded public transport at this time.

They’ve partnered with to provide a free, secure, fully insured, and easy way for cyclists to share their bikes directly with an NHS worker in need of transportation.

Click below to get involved and share your bike with NHS workers to help them stay mobile, stay active, and stay healthy!



If you are an NHS worker and you would like to get a bike to help make your travel easier, click below to submit an application.



Help make our area safer to cycle in

Brompton want to make cities happier, healthier and safer places to be, and they know others do too.  The current lockdown has made safe travel more important than ever and following the World Health Organisation’s advice to consider riding bicycles or walking, whenever feasible, Brompton Bicycle believe local authorities should grasp the opportunity of lower levels of motor traffic to re-allocate underused road space towards creating temporary areas for cycling and walking in our cities.

More space for cycling means that NHS and key workers will have more confidence making their essential journeys by bike and will alleviate the challenges some have experienced in exercising responsibly within social distancing guidelines.

We have recently seen towns and cities around the world utilise the vast amounts of currently underused road space to implement low cost pop-up cycling infrastructure. Successful initiatives are already underway in New Zealand, Germany, Canada, the USA and Paris has just announced 650km of cycling lanes to be constructed to support post lockdown travel. As lockdown restrictions are eased, it will continue to be vital that we maintain social distancing and mitigate against the risk of a second wave of infection as a result of over-crowding on our streets and public transport.

The success these pop-up bike lanes have had so far proves they are an easy solution for local councils to initiate, and while we’ve seen places such as Hackney start to implement similar measures, there is so much more action needed. That’s why Brompton Bicycle has partnered with Cycling UK to urge local councils across the UK to provide temporary cycling infrastructure to improve travel in cities and towns during the current crisis.

Will Butler-Adams, CEO, Brompton Bicycle, writes:

“These changes can be made by local authorities and we need councils across the UK to act now to provide your area with more space for cycling. You can get involved by clicking on the link below to write to your local council now. This will take less than 5 minutes of your time.

“COVID-19 has brought a drastic change all our lives and it’s shown that when there’s political will, politicians can make decisions within days. Governments across the world are widening pavements, creating new cycle lanes and restricting motor traffic to residential streets to enable people to socially distance. There’s no reason we can’t see the same in the UK.

“To make it even easier for them, Cycling UK has produced a guide to help councils identify changes they can make incredibly quickly, simply and at low cost.”



Cycling UK are also helping key workers’ wheels turning by providing free memberships, bike servicing and essential equipment so they can save lives and continue supporting vulnerable people across the UK.  Read more >>

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