Business update from Brunel University London

This is the second edition of our twice-yearly business newsletter from Brunel University London.  Take a look at some of the latest business opportunities…


Manufacturer boosts its turnover

Trending in business news

Working alongside researchers from Brunel, a food manufacturer increased revenues by 80% by reducing…

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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Do you have an idea for a new product or service, or a need to change the way your business works to get ahead of your competitors and grow, but don’t have the expertise in-house? This service can help you make the link with Brunel to access our knowledge and transfer it to your business

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Consultancy Services

Brunel experts will identify ways in which the university might assist to solve problems that are hindering your business from growing

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Innovation Voucher Scheme

Recommended for SMEs

£1,000 – £5,000 voucher to help you develop new products, processes or services with Brunel that will benefit your company

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Popular with SME partners

A newly funded EU initiative has been launched to help SMEs become more competitive. It provides free workshops in areas such as finance and marketing and also offers more in-depth support from highly trained academic staff at Brunel to offer their expertise to help your business grow

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Health and safety training

As a legal obligation, you may want to look at our IOSH health and safety training Brunel offer on campus

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Public Lecture Series

February 2018

Leading academics will explore some of the most important issues facing today’s world from pollution to the government

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Contact us

We want to hear from you

If you would like to work with Brunel University London in a way that hasn’t been mentioned please just let us know

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Sports Booking

Brunel has a range of sport facilities for your company to host an internal sports activity. Great way to build team chemistry!
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Room Booking

Brunel has a number of rooms that are suitable for a range of corporate events and meetings. The team will cater for all needs.
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On Campus Hotel

The Lancaster Hotel and Spa provides the ultimate comfort. A few miles from Heathrow, it is designed to suit all needs.
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Support Brunel

There are a range of ways you could support the university from prizes to scholarships. Any support can have a massive impact for the university.
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