Can You Volunteer Your Time As An Enterprise Advisor or Employer?

West London Careers Hub requesting support for a variety of upcoming events at local schools...

Are you an Enterprise Advisor or Employer and are able to volunteer help with events at local schools such as Mock Interviews, Speed Networking and Careers Fairs?

The West London Careers Hub is a programme which is co-funded by the Mayor of London and the Careers Enterprise Company and is delivered by Education Development Trust. The hub is a group of schools and colleges working together to improve outcomes for all young people. Through their partnerships, they aim to ensure that every young person gets the guidance, skills and experiences they need to make an informed decision about their future career path.

Institutions in the Hub have requested support from Enterprise Advisors & Employers for upcoming events through March 2024.


If you would like to offer your support or have any queries, contact Matt Carter- Employer Engagement Enterprise Coordinator –

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