City Farm Systems nominated for The 2024 Earthshot Prize

City Farm System, created with the aim to reduce the resources needed to provide healthy foods announced they were nominated....

City Farm Systems, a West London Business member has been delighted to announce they have been  nominated for The 2024 Earthshot Prize.  In parallel with Prince William announcing the 2023 award winners in Singapore nominations were invited for next year’s program from approved bodies.

Writing on behalf of Impact Entrepreneur’s selection committee Laurie Lane-Zucker wrote:

‘It is with great pleasure that I inform you of your nomination for The 2024 Earthshot Prize. Your application stood out among many outstanding submissions, and we are honored to endorse your project as it aligns remarkably with the goals and values of The Earthshot Prize.

Your initiative’s potential for significant impact, alignment with the Prize’s selection priorities, and the scalability of your solution were particularly impressive. We believe that your work embodies the transformative spirit and innovation that The Earthshot Prize seeks to recognize and support.’

Helping Smart Cities Feed Themselves is why City Farm Systems was formed with the aim of reducing the resources needed to provide healthy food.

Many news headlines mention shortages of fresh produce such as herbs and salads while commercial greenhouses and Vertical Farms can no longer pay excessive overheads.  With intensive indoor growers facing huge energy costs City Farm Systems offer an alternative business model to supply crops that can often cost more to deliver than to grow. 

CFS’s automated rooftop greenhouses distribute growing to avoid the most expensive final mile and vast amounts of transit only packaging.  This swaps food miles for minutes and metres, hands shelf life to the consumer and avoids empty shelves.  Since city traffic is no longer faster than a horse and cart congested cities impose access charging this gives many benefits to urban populations. With all heavily occupied buildings paying to dump near perfect conditions for a greenhouse this makes them more efficient and helps make healthy food affordable. Consuming a host building’s Scope 1&2 emissions this is a better than Net Zero solution that avoids all related Scope 3 emissions. 

City Farm Systems seeks partnerships in the commercial property, building services sectors and any business who recognises the potential this offers to address the issues flagged up at COP28 while moving ESG from a must have overhead to a profit earning asset. 

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