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Linking startups with Universities

If you run a start-up, there are many benefits to working with universities – from access to talented students to boost your credibility with academic research.
Read all about how Better Futures can help you do this.

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Helping CleanTech Entrepreneurs

Biohm has just completed their first programme of support through Better Futures, and have a lot of work planned to develop new products with universities.

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Supporting Women in Cleantech

The challenges of achieving gender parity in all fields are ever-present. Better Futures is working with the London Sustainable Development Commission to look at how we can make the cleantech field more equal and we’d love to hear from you. Read Commissioner Karen Lawrence’s blog post to hear more about how we’re doing this. And, if you’d like to get involved, send us an email and let us know how you can help.

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Case study: AirEx Technologies

As part of our celebration of women in cleantech, we’re working with AirEx Technologies Co-Founder Agnes Czako to connect her with like-minded female founders.

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Investing in Leading Sustainability Companies

Today’s innovation in sustainability will set the stage for tomorrow’s great businesses. Many corporates are taking the view that being more sustainable is fundamental to top performance, more stable cash flow and delivering higher value growth. They see the increasing evidence of resource constraints, population growth, and climate change, and turn this into a commercial opportunity to balance the threat. Public opinion is vocal and influencing board level decision making to place more capital in businesses that create positive change.

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