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West London Business member Cloud Digital are a leading solutions provider and professional services organisation which enables you to gain maximum leverage from Cloud and Digital Technologies.

Their team of experts enable organisations to ensure control and governance, whilst ensuring the agility of Cloud Computing is not lost. Among their services, they offer:

This is a framework service for private and public organisations and includes a twice yearly QA by Cloud Digital to ensure content and delivery is at the required standard, providing confidence in increasing the maturity of your organisation.

This is an information security service for private and public organisations and includes a bi-annual QA by Cloud Digital to ensure ongoing direction and maturity standards within the organisation. This service provides organisational direction and defines a roadmap for maturing the security of your organisation.

Both services are implemented under license by Newsham Business Solutions. Newsham Business Solutions are award winning information security specialists and subject matter experts in process improvement, organisational assessment and information security. They work closely with both UK Government agencies and International Law Enforcement, identifying risk, reducing exposure and aligning
information security to organisational objectives.


Install Appguard on your PC’s, servers and workstations, defeat cyber criminals, and stop worrying about ransomware attacks.

Threat actors looks for ways to install malicious code on your computers via fake emails and viruses and try to run rogue programs on your computers. Quite often rogue programs are designed to render a computer useless as a precursor to a ransom demand.

Werewolves don’t like silver bullets and threat actors hate Appguard.

No matter what kind of cyber-attack is launched against your business, Appguard simply prevents this, and renders the attempt impotent.

Appguard will intercept any attempt to infiltrate a computer and prevent any exposure to the programs that threat actors need to run on your computers. Most commonly cyber criminals attempt to extract valuable information such as financial data which can then be used to access bank accounts.

Conventional anti-virus software relies upon virus signatures. If the anti-virus is not yet aware of the signature for a new virus it cannot defeat the attack.

Appguard does not rely upon malware signatures but instead – Appguard works like this –

  1. Prevents launch of the attack.
  2. Harmlessly contains the attack.
  3. Isolates the attack.

In summary, if you or your staff innocently click a link, intended to launch an attack via injected malware, Appguard stops this in its tracks. Relax in the knowledge that accidental malware infection is a thing of the past!

Don’t become a victim of cyber-crime!

Take control of your IT systems and defeat criminals, who just want to take away your peace of mind, and steal your money. To find out more about the most effective and economic cyber security protection available today please contact Seema Islam on 07432 653940

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