Commercial Partnership

To ensure that our income streams are diversified and West London Business (WLB)/ Park Royal Business Group (PRBG) are financially sustainable we have put in place commercial partnerships with some member and non-member organisations.   These partnerships ensure a percentage commission fee to WLB/ PRBG when we make new business introductions.   In the interests of full transparency and disclosure active commercial partnerships are listed below.

All WLB/ PRBG staff and contractors are expected to follow this Code of Conduct when giving signposting support to members and non-members.  This emphasises the independence and impartiality of signposting support (ie staff should not be prioritising commercial partnerships over our other relationships – the needs/ interests of the business we are supporting must come first in the introductions we make).  To help ensure this works in practice, no staff receive commission through these commercial partnerships – this additional income benefits the organisation as a whole and allows us to reinvest in services development.

  • Beond
  • BDO
  • Carbon Analytics
  • SmartCurrency

Updated: 15 April 2021