CRL: Very first Demo Day sees our start-ups #MakeHistory


CRL’s very first Demo Day sees our start-ups #MakeHistory



On Thursday 25 January, CRL were pleased to host our very first Demo Day, which saw all eight of the start-ups currently on our Accelerator programme give their five minute pitches. The start-ups have been working on these pitches since they joined our programme, which is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund, nearly six months ago and it was exciting and encouraging to see how far they’d come: how their propositions have evolved, how their products have developed, but most of all to see how their confidence has grown and for future CEOs to appear in front of us!
Thanks to all of the start-ups for their hard work, Carlton Cummins of Aceleron for his wonderful keynote speech, all of the people that support CRL that came along, and all of the partner organisations that continue to support and make our programme possible: Kingston SmithRoland and Autodesk to name a few. The programme is part-funded by European Regional Development Fund, without which it could not happen.

Please see our full article on Demo Day, including a gallery of pictures from the event, here.

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