Early trial of new Zero Carbon energy market offered to WLB members

The ‘Zero Carbon Project’ market will officially launch in the UK in October, but the team is offering an early trial to energy consumers who are members of West London Business.  As part of this trial the team will provide double the normal Energis token rewards earned from consuming zero carbon energy.


In 2017 West London Commission for Sustainability and Climate Change produced a four-part plan including reducing carbon emissions, introducing a circular economy, supporting smart clean city developments and building a CleanTech hub in West London.

Underpinning the plan to reduce carbon emissions, WLB and Beond launched the Zero Carbon Project in West London. The Project provides business energy users with a Market which runs online reverse auctions for zero carbon energy, which is cheaper than electricity sourced from fossil fuel energy.


West London project to go global

Since launching this Market to West London businesses last year, the Zero Carbon Project team are gearing up to use the blockchain to take this Market to a global audience. They plan to roll the market out to competitive electricity markets around the world next year and then into regulated markets in 2020.


Derek Myers, Founder of the Zero Carbon Project, said:

“The blockchain provides smart contracts which have been designed to underpin our Energis tokens which our energy consumers earn as meaningful rewards for switching to zero carbon energy. The intention is for Energis tokens to provide a catalyst for change to tackle climate change globally.

“The Energis tokens capture the future utility that consumers receive from our market service, because energy suppliers need to purchase them to pay the transaction fees for winning consumers across our Market.”


Please email charles.adams@zerocarbonproject.com or phone him on 020 8634 7533 if you would like to discuss running a zero carbon energy auction to meet your business’ energy needs.

If you would like to learn more about Zero Carbon Project please visit: www.zerocarbonproject.com

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