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Embed artificial intelligence (AI) to drive your business


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With skills shortages in most sectors, could AI be part of the solution? Experts at Moore Kingston Smith think it can. With technology taking care of time-consuming repetitive processes, your people could be free to upskill and concentrate on tasks that they not only find more engaging and rewarding, but that also grow and add value to your business. However, many SME’s don’t know where to start.

Join the Head of Digital Transformation, Becky Shields, and guest Jason Bowes, Finance Manager at CloudNC as they discuss how AI can benefit your business.

You can expect to hear about:

· How to access knowledge and advice on technology

· The government support and grants that are available to help you invest in AI technology, including R&D tax reliefs

· How AI can enhance decision making through harnessing available data, including automating the collection of data

· Recruiting to implement AI in your business

· Fundraising for an AI driven business

· How implementing AI could help prepare your business for sale.


Thursday 10 February


10:00 – 10:45am




Esther Carder, Partner


Becky Shields, Head of Digital Transformation, Moore Kingston Smith; Jason Bowes, Finance Manager, CloudNC

If you have an advance question for the panel, please email Kirstin Stewart: kstewart@mks.co.uk

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