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      Does getting up-to-speed with ‘cloud’ computing and cyber security seem daunting?

      Are you unsure how to choose and use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database?

      Would you like to make more professional use of digital marketing tools?

      Do you have a legacy IT system that you need to upgrade or replace and you are not sure how?

      Would you like to develop your e-commerce/ online sales and pursue international business opportunities?

      Join us for a breakfast workshop where we will explore with you how the London Growth Hub and partners can develop future programmes that will support you and other SMEs answer these questions and boost your business performance in the months ahead.   The insights emerging from this series of workshops, a digital survey and additional research will inform a report with recommendations on future business support to the London Growth Hub/ London Economic Action Partnership (LEAP) at City Hall.  

      This workshop will put a particular spotlight on tech in social care particularly as well as consider digital upskilling in property/ construction, hospitality & tourism and retail.   Given growing demands on social care services the need for productivity improvements through greater use of technology is immense from more efficient admin to mobile working and ‘Internet of things’ remote monitoring of clients, dispensing of tablets and robotic assistance.  

      At Barnet & Southgate College (home of CETEC and the Living Lab) we will hear from a social care tech expert as well as workshop participants about the challenges you are facing on the frontline of introducing digital tech into social care, and other focus sectors.  We will be inspired by insights from early digital tech adopters.  And we will consider how skills might transfer from larger businesses to SMEs.

      Who is the workshop for? The workshop is primarily aimed at senior decision-makers in SMEs (more than a year old) that would like to improve the use of digital/ IT across your business and influence the future of business support in London.  

      Limited places will be filled on first come first served basis. We ask that only one representative per business attends the workshop. We ask that only one representative per business attends the workshop.