Join WLB for a conference that will begin a new vision for the Heathrow area, both in 5, and 25 years time. The Heathrow area's future is healthy and vibrant, acting as an evolving community, driving forward transport, digital innovation and environmental sustainability.

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      As aviation continues its slow recovery from COVID, this half day summit brings together local, national and global leaders to discuss the Heathrow area’s communities post-COVID, and to reimagine Heathrow’s ecosystem as a global hub for innovation and leadership.

      An impressive line up of speakers gathering industry, community and academic voices will present new insights and thinking on the global future of the transportation of people and goods in a post Covid, climate responsible world.



      This will be an interactive, inspiring summit that leaves participants with a strong sense of hope – and how they can contribute next to shaping the sub-region – in these challenging times.