Enjoy a free demonstration of immersive learning environments and how these can be used for education and training.

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      Registration is now open for West London employers to enjoy a free demonstration of cutting edge immersive and interactive learning environments which are transforming the education setting. Featuring contributions from VR soft skills training provider Bodyswaps and education innovators I-immersive, this showcase will be the perfect setting to connect with peers who are passionate about upskilling the next generation of West London worker.

      Why attend?

      If you are a West London employer, you should attend this event to:
      •    Stay informed and see learning and development best practices in action 
      •    Explore opportunities to enhance employee development now and in the future
      •    Influence skills taught through immersive technology
      •    Keep your business up to date in an increasingly digital and immersive world
      •    Experience VR technology for soft skills training 

      Why is it important to your business?

      As businesses of all sizes navigate an increasingly competitive landscape, they need effective and engaging learning solutions to ensure employees and future employees have the skills and behaviours to succeed. Immersive learning can provide a more realistic experience to learners, allowing them to better understand the working world. It enables learners to interact with people as they would in the world of work.

      Get your voice heard and help influence the knowledge, skills and behaviours the next generation are learning to be workforce ready.

      Your Contribution Matters – Get Your Voice Heard

      Please email anna.gration@westlondon.com if you would like further information.