Experiments in the Lab workshop with GLconnects

Join GLconnects in a series of transformational high impact, interactive, fun, insightful, explorative and experimental 1.5 hours.

You will learn practical skills and solutions that you will be able to apply immediately at home and in your business.

Sign up to all eight sessions to build your capability and receive a loyalty discount.


Venue: ARTISAN COFFEE LAB, 2 New Broadway W5 2XA
Time: 9.45am to 11.15am
Cost per date: £14.80 (inclu.VAT)


Wednesday 24th April 2o19Self limiting stickiness
Wednesday 22nd May 2019What’s your elastic energy?
Wednesday 19th June 2019Finding a toilet in public
Wednesday 17th July 2019Na + Cl = table salt
Wednesday 18th September 201986,400 seconds
Wednesday 16th October 2019“It’s not you, it’s me”
Wednesday 20th November 2019Rat(race) or human?
Wednesday 4th December 20198 is greater with 1-7

To ensure you are able to take up this exceptional opportunity, contact Geoff now on 07780 60 58 68 or at geofflangston@glconnects.com


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