Five Top Tips for your West London business this quarter

A quick guide with opportunities to help your business grow...

As we approach the halfway point of 2023, it’s always a good time to take stock of your achievements as an organisation so far and plan for future growth. To help you along the way, we’ve put together a brief guide that every business can take advantage of with some top tips to help grow your business…

1. Get your organisation registered on CompeteFor

CompeteFor is a free supplier platform that enables businesses to compete for contract opportunities linked to large-scale public and private sector buying organisations. If your SME is looking to provide services to larger organisations, this is the place to be. Organisations that tender via CompeteFor include the UK Government, Network Rail, HS2 and Heathrow. Which leads us to…

2. Via CompeteFor, watch out for Heathrow’s ‘Lift Off’ events

Heathrow Lift Off is a new programme developed in 2022 to provide selected innovative SMEs with the opportunity to present their products and services to a panel made up of Heathrow and their largest supply chain partner organisations. This may lead to new business opportunities. The first Lift Off event took place on 13 March 2023 with additional events upcoming throughout the year. You can only participate when the opportunity is published via CompeteFor, so make sure your organisation is registered and apply when the next event with a suitable focus for your business is available.

3. Register for the AWS Connected Community

If your organisation is growing its online presence or has a focus on innovation then the AWS Connected Community is for you. A key partner of the London West Innovation Network, this online community is for leaders of small and medium-sized businesses to connect, learn, and share—overcoming the common barriers of technology adoption. Unlock the power of the cloud join the community for free to access trusted resources. You can connect with peers and learn on your own time with a community built by AWS but powered by you.

4. Enhance your leadership skills through trusted WLB members

Whatever the size of your business or its stage of growth, there is a range of support available from West London Business members for business leaders to expand your knowledge and skills:

  • For SMEs, The Alternative Board (TAB), led in West London by Isháun Sahni, helps business owners identify opportunities and solve key challenges they face in their businesses. Book a call with Isháun to chat about you and your business needs, and how TAB might make a difference. E-mail
  • For senior HR executives in West London Corporates, Chris Paterson of Smile be Curious specialises in building resilient leaders and teams. He has an intimate understanding of leadership and how to create high performing resilient teams from his 20 years of working in large complex multinational organisations in different functions, levels of seniority and countries. This breadth of experience means he knows the pitfalls as well as best practices and can support senior leaders and leadership teams to optimise organisational culture and team performance. Find out more about Chris >>
  • If your interest lies in peer advisory groups and executive coaching sessions, then Vistage may be the choice for you. Vistage is the world’s largest executive coaching organisation for small and medium sized businesses. Nick Gaynor, a Vistage Chair, is part of an elite group of business leaders with decades of experience. Connect with Nick >>

5. For WLB members-only: Register your interest in media opportunities

As the business leadership forum for West London, WLB promotes a successful and inclusive economy for businesses of all types from every sector. We occassionally receive requests from regional and national media outlets to engage with local businesses on various topical themes. These include, employee wellbeing, innovation, export, environmental sustainability and much more.

If you are a WLB member and wish to be considered as a voice of business in West London for media opportunities, please register your interest.

To discuss West London Business membership, contact

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