Kandu – taking the hassle out of the hustle


Kandu – taking the hassle out of the hustle


If you’re an entrepreneur, finding the right expertise at the right time can be a massive headache and you’re an independent expert – it can be tough to find startups to work with. Hammersmith & Fulham based Kandu (www.wekandu.io) is a free online service that has launched to solve this problem. Kandu saves time and money, by matching startups to flexible, trusted experts who can validate their ideas, co-create strategies or simply help them get things done. Think Tinder for entrepreneurs!


Startups can offer experts and advisors a fee, equity, flexible working or even just a cup of coffee in return for help. Experts can find more flexible contract or advisory opportunities at interesting startups that might just be the next borrowmydoggy on terms that work for them.

If you’re looking for help or to offer expertise – sign up today. www.wekandu.io

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