Latest Quarterly Currency Forecast From Smart Currency Business

Latest Quarterly Forecast, for April to June, looks at what major banks are predicting, as well as what Smart Currency experts are saying about 2023 and beyond...

The latest quarterly currency forecast, for the period April – June, is now available from WLB Member Smart Currency Business. The forecast provides insight into what will affect the pound in this quarter, and to understand the risk of currency markets – and how to safeguard your money.

Smart Currency Business are a recognised expert in financial risk management, providing UK companies with tailored currency exchange services. Their experts help businesses mitigate the risk of foreign currency exposure when making international transfers and payments. This can involve creating bespoke solutions that meet the specific circumstances of your business.

In the latest forecast, find out:

  • Which currency will be strongest this summer?
  • Are there black swans amidst the green shoots?
  • Can inflation be defeated, and at what cost?
  • Extreme currency predictions from major banks


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