LLMs X-Change: Crafting The Future Of Large Language Models Event

Discover the future of Large Language Models (LLMs) as presented by Brunel University's Computer Science department...

On Wednesday 22 November, 9am- 5pm at Brunel University London, West London Business members are invited to the ‘LLMs X-Change: Crafting the Future of Large Language Models.’

The event symposium marks the inaugural event in a series presented by Brunel University’s Computer Science department. The primary objective of the university is to foster a meaningful connection between the scientific community and industry. They aim to cultivate an impartial forum for discussing topics of paramount importance to the industrial sector.

With the advent of ChatGPT and other LLMs, their first symposium focuses on this particular technology. Throughout the day, Brunel University’s esteemed industrial participants will pose practical questions and present opportunities and challenges related to Large Language Models (LLMs). Meanwhile, their globally recognised academic experts will contribute their profound knowledge and insights.

Brunel University’s overarching goal is to offer guests a comprehensive perspective on the LLMs landscape and explore opportunities for collaboration with them. They are dedicated to helping your organisation maximise its potential benefits through strategic partnerships and shared expertise.


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