LWIN Launches New Heathrow Portal

New platform from the London West Innovation Network allows organisations to find facts and figures and information on how to engage with Heathrow...

The London West Innovation Network (LWIN), in collaboration with Heathrow, has launched a new platform for innovative and high-growth SMEs to engage with the UK’s only international hub airport.

Launched earlier this year, LWIN brings together solution seekers, solvers, and scalers to collaborate and innovate for a more impactful and sustainable future. LWIN is networking people and places locally, and building links across the UK and internationally, to nurture new skills, develop new products, and reshape services while reducing and ultimately eliminating the impacts of greenhouse gasses from our environment.

The new Heathrow Portal is available now and contains a wealth of information from doing business with the airport and gaining insights into future strategies to simply planning your journey.

You can use the portal to:

  • Register your interest in the Heathrow Lift Off programme – a a new concept developed as an additional way for Heathrow to attract and work with SMEs
  • Get your organisation set up on CompeteFor, Heathrow’s platform for all procurement tenders
  • Find out more about the annual Heathrow Business Summit and register to attend
  • Get access to Heathrow Careers and discover upcoming job fairs and aviation carers guidance
  • Read strategic documents around Heathrow’s future including the Heathrow 2.0 Sustainability Strategy
  • Plan your journey to Heathrow from anywhere in the UK

Amelia Grant, Head of LWIN Membership, said of the new portal:

“When Heathrow approached us wanting to support LWIN Members in how to engage with the airport and its major suppliers, we jumped at the chance. The LWIN Heathrow Portal provides a one-stop-shop for our members to see all that is on offer from Heathrow in one place. The portal not only provides helpful information and facts, but also actionable opportunities for our innovative SMEs to develop a relationship with a view to becoming part of Heathrow’s supply chain.”


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