Meet & Greet Vol 2 – Prototyping Project Ideas

Hello Old Oak Collectivists!

Following up on the Meet & Greet we had in January, we would like to organise a second event where we can do a workshop session to come up with project ideas according to the lessons learned from the last event. 

We have launched a micro-grant programme (see attached) that we are offering to our residents for creating social initiatives that respond directly to the local needs and challenges in our neighbourhood. We are inviting the members of Old Oak who have expressed interest in applying to this event, where we aim to co-create project ideas with our residents and local community groups. We will be using a tool called Designing for Wiser Action to develop project ideas during the workshop. 

The event will take place Saturday 24th March from 2-5pm at The Collective Old Oak. Please RSVP by mail if you are available and interested in attending. Feel free to invite other representatives as well and contact me for any questions.




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