OPDC picks AECOM for masterplan


Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation has appointed AECOM as its preferred bidder for the masterplanning contract.

AECOM will now work to develop a masterplan that is deliverable and reflects the quality and sustainability aspirations set out in the OPDC draft Local Plan and supporting studies. OPDC want it to establish “a new benchmark for successful long-term placemaking in Old Oak”.

The masterplan will also establish an overarching approach for the delivery of the Old Oak area which, say OPDC, delivers social and economic benefits for local communities.

The masterplan will also deliver greater certainty for landowners, investors and stakeholders on how and when the area will be developed, and a clear delivery strategy, funding and financing strategy, land assembly strategy and business plan for OPDC as a future landowner.

It will outline the key site wide infrastructure required, and its location, and give a site wide approach to development, aiming to create synergies between different landowners schemes.

Following the OJEU Standstill period which ends on May 22, AECOM and OPDC will start work on visioning and the baseline analysis which should complete in summer 2017, then move on to shortlist options in autumn 2017, refine to preferred options in early 2018, and deliver the spatial masterplan, phasing, transport, commercial  and residential strategies in spring 2018.

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