Our Digital Revolution – Protecting Digital Privacy

Protecting Digital Privacy

6pm, Wednesday 20 February
Eastern Gateway Building
Brunel University London

Dramatic advancements in our Digital Revolution offer hope for responding to the vast global challenges we face, but this comes hand-in-hand with threats to our digital security and privacy.

The finale of Brunel University London’s Public Lecture Series sees three experts discussing the problem of our personal data – often dubbed the ‘new oil’ – and how this precious resource is being mined by companies worldwide.

By way of an introduction to Brunel’s new Artist-in-Residence, Phil Coy, Wednesday’s event commences with  Phantom Limb  an intervention devised in collaboration with Will Self.  The work initiates a voluntary phone amnesty, with analogue imaging of participants and live observation of the audience’s phones throughout the evening’s talks – both within the auditorium and by live video link.

Phantom Limb allows for a graphic interrogation of this all pervading device – the foremost arbiter of contemporary experience – highlighting, in the university context particularly, its connection to literacy, self and thereness.”

Brunel University London look forward to seeing you, from 6pm, this Wednesday for a complimentary drinks reception and a captivating evening asking some of Our Digital Revolution’s most pressing questions.


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