Recruit Postgraduate Students from the AI Pathway

Your organisation can benefit from students seeking placements via the Artificial Intelligence Strategy MSc course at Brunel University London...

Brunel University London are currently supporting postgraduate students from the AI pathway who are seeking paid or unpaid placements for either a 3 or 12-month period, starting between April and May.

Students from the Artificial Intelligence Strategy MSc course at Brunel University possess technical and strategic skills, making them suitable for various roles in industries adopting AI technologies such as finance, healthcare, and e-commerce. They are equipped to work with cross-functional teams and make informed decisions about AI use in business operations. With their knowledge of current AI trends, Brunel students can drive business growth and innovation.

AI Strategy students typically pursue roles such as:

• Data Analyst – utilising AI technologies to collect and analyse large sets of data to help inform business decisions.
• AI Consultant – providing expert advice on the implementation of AI technologies to enhance business operations and strategies.
• Business Analyst – using AI tools to identify areas of improvement within a business, and developing strategies to optimise performance.
• AI Researcher – researching and developing new AI technologies to improve business operations and decision-making.

How the placements work:

– Students can start either a 6-12 week internship or 10-12 month placement from April-May.

– Students can undertake a paid or unpaid role.

– For unpaid roles students are encouraged to work a minimum of 20 hours (course requirement) and maximum of 25 hours or 3 days a week.

– For paid roles students can work full-time up to 40 hours per week.

If you have a short or long project / job that could be suitable for one or more of Brunel’s students, please reach out to


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