Set-Up And Work From Anywhere With TecaDec

If you are working from home and struggling for space, WLB Member Timeless IMS offers an elegant solution to remote working with TecaDec...

TecaDec is the creation of Peter Bond, an engineer and owner, of British Bins – the UK’s leading online supplier of wheelie bins. Peter recognised the need for a multi-screen portable working rig when on the go and out of his office. When the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, the Tecadec became the perfect solution for mobile and remote working. Made of polyethylene, the Tecadec’s compact yet durable design allows a fully adjustable setup while including a robust case for travel.

Portable Dual Screens
The Tecadec aims to increase efficiency when working away from your personal setup. With adjustable dual-screen capabilities, the Tecadec’s integrated design reduces the need for multiple adapters and improves productivity within a limited space. As postpandemic hybrid working arrangements become the norm, the need for an elegant yet efficient workspace is more pertinent than ever.

Work Life Balance
When confined to your own home, it can become incredibly taxing to be surrounded by your work environment once the workday is complete. Where most employees can leave their work stress at the office, homeworkers are forced to live with this burden. The Tecadec’s rapid setup and pack-down design promotes a healthy work-life balance and an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mentality as it encourages you to leave the stress of the office, at the office, by simply moving the desk to one side.

Office On The Go
With brand new wheels added to the Tecadec’s design, the ‘office in a box’ solution allows you to set up and work from anywhere. No bigger than your average suitcase and remarkably lightweight, the Tecadec assures easy travel and transportation, perfect for trade shows or cross-country exhibitions.

Collaboration with Timeless IMS
In 2022, a partnership between Peter Bond and WLB Member Timeless IMS was established which allowed Timeless IMS to become the sole resellers of the Tecadec, in the UK and Ireland. Through this partnership, improvements to the Tecadec have been suggested and actioned, creating Tecadec 2.0. The new and improved design included:

• Adding larger wheels to the base of the desk, preventing damage to the case and providing increased stability when moving.
• An adjustable handle, often seen on your standard suitcase, was also added to the new variant’s design, allowing the transportation of the desk to be much easier.
• Bespoke designs and customisation have also been implemented by Timeless IMS, allowing the desk to be customised to meet your brand’s needs. Even when on the go, you can promote your business with any design that suits you.

Timeless IMS are offering West London Business Members a FREE PowerCup and 30-day FREE IT support with your Tecadec Portable Desk purchase. Enter code ‘WestLondonBusiness’ at checkout via Alternatively, contact for any other queries.

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