Smart Currency Business Quarterly Forecast

Expert predictions from leading banks, a spotlight on major currencies, as well as a list of major events likely to move markets...

West London Business member Smart Currency Business presents their latest Quarterly Forecast ahead of a crucial 2024. This year will see elections in the US and the UK coincide for the first time in 60 years, and whoever wins – either on the West or the East side of the Atlantic – will inherit economic challenges as well as a geopolitical situation that is fast reaching crisis proportions.

As the world enters 2024, gloomy predictions of a recession and widespread turmoil are yet to come to pass. Inflation is falling across developed economies, while higher interest rates haven’t stopped a bounce back in GDP growth. The green shoots of recovery are starting to show, but can global economies mount a full comeback in a complex landscape?

Last quarter saw sterling strengthen, while the US dollar lost some of its sheen. Potential banana skins still lie ahead, but what will this mean in real terms?


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