South Kilburn Trust (SKT) Seeks Chief Executive

Lead the exciting next phase of our place-based charity and help the communities and people of South Kilburn thrive...

The South Kilburn Trust is an important organisation, born of and central to the regeneration of South Kilburn. Its potential is recognised by all, as an engine for community cohesion as the population grows and changes. Our role as a place-based charity is to understand and champion the needs of South Kilburn’s communities and people, provide spaces, services and support that enable them to thrive and to steward our assets to serve our charitable mission.  

The South Kilburn Trust now seek a new Chief Executive to lead us through this crucial point in our development and to leverage our increase our impact. Since 2009, they have run community events, activities and support most recently from The Granville building, alongside enterprise and work space. The South Kilburn Trust are now developing our plans to take occupation of and manage a larger community and workspace across four buildings. The South Kilburn Trust new Chief Executive will be joining at an important moment in our Charity’s development and will work closely with stakeholders and Trustees to develop the organisational culture and capabilities that they need to succeed and sustain our impact. 

This brings exciting opportunities to expand what the charity does. Improving connection and understanding through engagement and social activity means that they can better focus our efforts and adjust the operating plan for our new community and workspace building to meet needs of our communities, whilst also holding financial sustainability and resilience as a key principle.

The South Kilburn Trust are looking for someone entrepreneurial and purpose-driven to lead the charity through this next phase, whilst both engaging with and inspiring all of our stakeholders, including our communities, staff and Trustees. The South Kilburn Trust want a leader who shares their values, has vision and who wants to work to build on all that The South Kilburn Trust achieved so far.

The South Kilburn Trust now seek an inclusive and enabling leader; someone who will foster the culture and capabilities required to forge a new socially impactful trust. As a social enterprise approach is so central to their future, they welcome strong commercial acumen and proven experience in growing and developing business opportunities or social enterprises.

The South Kilburn Trust also want to explore opportunities with external stakeholders that will enhance and support our community, so experience in external stakeholder engagement, profile-raising and partnership building would be valuable.

The South Kilburn Trust believe that a diverse workforce with people from different backgrounds can bring fresh ideas, thinking and approaches which improve business performance, as well as reflecting a diverse customer base. The South Kilburn Trust therefore welcome candidates with a range of skills, experiences and backgrounds to find out more.

Closing date: By 9am, Monday 25th September 2023

For further information, and details of how to apply:

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