T Line. This is Brompton. Reinvented.

WLB member Brompton Bicycle has reinvented every millimetre of the Brompton to create their lightest bike ever.

Created by a select team of designers, engineers and fabrication specialists in Sheffield and London, T Line is all-new and ultra-light, for the ultimate freedom in the city and beyond.

7.45 kg. Precision engineered titanium.


The product of three years of limitless thinking, research, and development,
T Line is greater than the sum of its parts. To bring Brompton’s classic lines to life in titanium, the team forged entirely new construction techniques. Designed and made every component from scratch. And they built a new factory to do it all in.

This is innovation in action.

The first limited run of T Line bikes were sold, by random ballot, at a virtual launch event.

To find out when the next T Line bikes are available for purchase, register your interest on the Brompton Bicycle website.

Meanwhile, you can test ride the T Line at Brompton Junctions in London, New York, Paris, Singapore, and Shanghai.

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