University of West London’s Claude Littner Business School presents Fresh Minds for Business

Fresh Minds for Business is a not-for profit student-based consultancy programme that is provided by students and supported by experienced consultants from the University of West London’s Claude Littner Business School.

The initiative delivers projects to business as well as non-business clients from a wide range of industries and sectors.

The business school started Fresh Minds for Business to support businesses in West London that need help to stay competitive in a fast-changing environment. The programme is driven by a mission to support the business community and to give the university’s students the opportunity to develop their professional profile by applying their knowledge, skills and talent to help businesses deal with real world issues and challenges.

What the business school offers:

Consultancy programme

This programme offers evidenced-based advice delivered over a three-month project period. Your organisation will benefit from having a dedicated team providing tailored consulting that is suited to your needs.

Consulting areas include:

  • business model
  • customer analysis
  • digital marketing
  • digital transformation
  • growth strategy
  • international brand development
  • market analysis
  • social media
  • sustainability
  • talent management.

 Fresh ideas

Whether you are looking for a fresh perspective on an existing issue or innovative ideas to exploit new opportunities, you will be able to engage the most suitable talent to conduct methodical research and analysis into what is important to you. Through Fresh Ideas the business school has helped clients identify high-potential niche market sectors; provided insights into international markets, consumer behaviour and much more. You will benefit from having a number of trained talented researchers studying the issue or question that is important to you.

 Small business programme

Where you just want to get something done in your business but lack the time or personnel to do it, the business school may be able to help. Where a project involves employing students, the University’s Terms and Conditions apply, and clients will may be asked to register with the University’s Careers & Employment Services.

 Charities and community organisations

Driven by a strong social ethic, they aim to ensure that organisations such as charities and community organisations, have access to the business school’s services that will help you in delivering your social missions. The business school believes in adapting and applying the methods and technology they have developed consulting with businesses to bring about effective solutions in the non-profit sector.


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Please note that all clients and projects are subject to approval by the Claude Littner Business School.

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