Unlock The Power Of The Cloud With The AWS Connected Community

A free membership that provides access to trusted resources including events and on-demand training, access to small business and cloud experts and much more...

Over 70% of small and medium-sized businesses will invest in enhanced technology services by 2024—all with a goal of becoming more resilient in rapidly changing market conditions.*

The cloud has emerged as a cost effective and secure way to achieve your business goals. That’s why it has become the #1 IT priority for smaller and medium-sized businesses**. However, determining how to best use technology to create a competitive advantage is challenging. Limited IT budgets, resource constraints, skill gaps, and management buy-in can all be hurdles to growing your business. Identifying the best information and resources to be sure you will get the business outcomes you need adds to the burden. For many successful small and medium-sized businesses, joining a community of like-minded business leaders is an efficient way to get tailored information to facilitate the cloud decision journey.

Accelerate your journey to the cloud. Join the AWS Connected Community, an online community for leaders of small and medium-sized businesses to connect, learn, and share—overcoming the common barriers of technology adoption. Unlock the power of the cloud through a free membership that provides access to trusted resources. You can connect with peers and learn on our own time with a community built by AWS but powered by you. This Community offers members a range of benefits including:

• Events and on-demand training designed to help you develop your ROI for digitization efforts and reduce skill gaps.
• Access to small business and cloud experts that are available to provide free 1:1 advice specific to your business.
• Exclusive offers including $300 in free AWS credits to help you launch your business in the cloud and exclusive software offers, including 25% off Hubspot, $1000 Notion credits and more.

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* Based on IDC research from Oct 2020

** https://techaisle.com/blog/449-2021-top-10-smb-and-midmarket-business-issues-it-challenges-it-priorities

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