UWL film students challenge audience to think differently

The University of West London’s Graduate Showcase started with a bang as visitors were treated to an exhibition of student work, experimental installations dotted around campus as part of experimenta 2016, and the BA Film Production Showcase in Weston Hall.
 The film installations, displayed at the St Mary’s Road site, included Diana, a film and music installation looking at the feeling of being trapped in everyday life. The close-ups of the actress’s face portrayed what was going on in her mind, and were accompanied by an original piece of music composed by one of the installation’s creators.
Many of the installations had themes of loneliness, or being an outsider, but one which took a different route was Beauty of Nature, which captured nature in grainy footage and extreme close-up, accompanied by a calming soundtrack.
The film showcase featured eleven films, including experimental, documentary and black comedy. Unity of Sound, directed by Melody Wood, looked at the #ItAffectsMe mental health campaign, and the role music can play in helping those suffering from poor mental health.
The Tongue and The Mist, which also appeared as a film installation, was an experimental black and white piece. One of the film’s creators, Anna Anaganostou, said, ‘The film focuses on what silence and emptiness means, because in modern life people seem controlled by technology and to fight this they try to search for their inner voice.’
The final film in the Showcase, Adrift, was a moving story following two people trying to reach ‘the beach’ in the not-too-distant future after an unspecified war. It used a digital camera to make the story even more raw and personal.
Helen Hester, Head of Film and Media, said, ’I was very excited to see these films – this cohort of students have been engaged and engaging and I was not disappointed by their outstanding work.’
The exhibition and installations will be running until Saturdayand the LCM performances and LSFMD fashion show will be live streamed each evening.
For more information, visit the Graduate Showcase pages. Follow @UWLShowcaseand join the conversation using #UWLShowcase

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