VMI Becomes Albert-Certified Carbon Neutral Company

The Park Royal camera rental company's latest carbon audit and offset scheme has been approved by Albert, the UK’s environmental sustainability hub for film & TV...

VMI TV based in Victoria Rd, Park Royal, has completed its third Carbon audit, which confirms that CO2 emissions have reduced for a 3rd year and are now at half of 2019 levels, two full years ahead of schedule from 213T CO2e to 121.4T CO2e, a reduction of 48.12% compared to the 2019 baseline and a 43% saving from 2021.

Upon completion, VMI surveyed its staff and clients to decide on a carbon offset scheme which all supported and which was approved and recognised by Albert, the UK’s premier sustainability hub for film & TV.

Founded in 2011, Albert supports the global Film and TV industry to reduce the environmental impacts of production and to create content that supports a vision for a sustainable future. Current holders of the Albert carbon neutral certification include BBC, ITV, IMG Studios and Sky Sports.

VMI paid to offset their 121.4T of CO2e carbon emissions generated in 2022 to invest in a project to preserve the Brazilian Rainforest to avoid deforestation over a 30-year project lifetime. In doing so, VMI has become an Albert-certified Carbon-Neutral company, since 2022.

Sustainability company Creative Zero scrutinised all VMI’s measurements to create a very accurate assessment of VMI’s emissions for the entire 2022 financial year, which included surveying its staff for commuting methods and checking whether the power used at home came from sustainable sources. VMI began its net-zero campaign back in 2021 and committed to halving its 2019 CO2 emissions by 2025 and achieving net-zero by 2030.

CO2e Emissions without capital expenditure, for which the reporting organisation has no direct control over, but does include all other relevant scope 3 emissions are as follows:

213tnCO2e to 121.4tnCO2e a reduction of 48.12% compared to the 2019 baseline and a 43% saving from 2021.

Breakdown per scope

  • Scope 1 emissions have been reduced by 4.1% 2021 figures from 37.6tnCO2e to 36.055tnCO2e
  • Scope 2 emissions also increased from nil to 2.04tnCO2e, which accounts for emissions generated through charging EV’s off-site.2
  • Scope 3 (excluding CapEx purchases) emissions have decreased by 53% from 175tnCO2e to 82.288tnCO2e.

Read the full VMI 2022 Carbon Audit Report prepared by Khandiz Joni of Creative Zero here

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