West London – the world’s most connected place

The study considers ‘Connectivity’ as the ability for people, ideas and information to move across physical or virtual boundaries to do business locally and globally. More specifically, the report sets out to find the world’s most connected place, defining connectivity through the lenses of: Culture; Transport; Internet; and Ease of doing business.

As the WLB team integrated national and city level metrics, London emerged as the world’s most connected global city, followed by Singapore and Hong Kong. They then drilled down further examining the connectivity of each of London’s sub-regions and were able to confirm that West London is the most connected part of the city, and therefore can be considered as the world’s most connected place.

West London’s global hub airport Heathrow and excellent road & rail connections, along with its diverse population (44% of West London residents being born outside the UK) and international food culture are an immense strength. Fast broadband is the city and sub-region’s Achilles heel and an area where London policy makers are starting to make accelerated public and private sector investment a priority.

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