Zero Carbon Project launches in London to tackle climate change

The Zero Carbon Project was launched in London on Saturday 10 March 2018.


The second leg of the launch will be in Sydney this week. The Project is tackling climate change using the blockchain by rolling out competitive zero carbon markets worldwide, to deliver lower prices while switching consumers to zero carbon energy. 


Lower prices are achieved by leveraging international carbon credits and intense competition between suppliers using techniques such as online reverse auctions. 


In addition, energy consumers are rewarded with valuable Energis crypto-currency token which acts as a catalyst for change, aligning consumers interests with the global societal goals of tackling climate change. The Energis token has been designed to capture the future utility value which future customers will receive from the market service in the future. 


This is achieved by requiring the energy suppliers to pay the transaction fees using Energis tokens. Therefore, as the consumer base grows then demand for Energis tokens increases. This demand is constrained by the supply side as there is a limited number of Energis tokens. Energis tokens received from transaction fees are then recycled back to energy consumers as rewards. The Energis tokens economy is underpinned by secondary markets for tokens called crypto-exchanges for optimal resource allocation. All these features utilise the Ethereum blockchain which provides smart contract functionality and incorporates the ERC-20 standards.



Anyone interested in contributing or participating can join their Telegram community here after downloading Telegram messenger on their mobile phone. 


To find out more about the Beond group please visit their website.

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