Large Businesses

With a £70bn+ economy and 2m population, West London is firmly established as one of the UK’s key hubs for large businesses. Our national and global connectivity is unsurpassed. Many leaders from the sub-region’s largest businesses are already active members of West London Business, gaining new insights into the local marketplace, networking with their peers, helping shape the public policy agenda and building value through access to innovators.

West London Corporate Leaders Action Group

The  Group convenes CEOs and c-suite executives to address key strategic concerns from energy supply to talent.

Strategic leadership in the film sector is driven through Screen Capital West; and in London’s largest industrial estate we convene the Park Royal Business Group.

Business leaders engage with local government through the West London Economic Prosperity Board and West London Skills & Employment Board; and with parliamentarians through the Cross Party Group for West London.

London West Innovation Network

London West Innovation Network (LWIN) is powered by West London Business and PlusX.

For large businesses the LWIN platform is an efficient route to identify high value, fast growth innovators in the sub-region with which to collaborate.

West London Business is also a partner with Imperial College, Sustainable Ventures and City Hall in Better Futures through which we can accelerate corporate members’ access to Cleantech pioneers.

Talent pipeline

Larger businesses seeking to develop their local talent pipeline will find an easy explainer and practical support in the West London Apprenticeships Hub.

To address the gap in high level technical skills provision in the sub-region West London Business, Fujitsu and Heathrow – founders in the West London Institute of Technology – are inviting other businesses to support the institute’s development.

Insights capability

West London Business’ insights capability is unique. Members can access our West London Datastore and West London Public Policy Portal .

Our 2019 study provides the evidence base for West London as the world’s most connected place, from a transport, cultural and internet connectivity perspective.

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